Tuesday, 8 May 2012

B's thoughts: Skin79 Super Triple Function BB cream.

 After all this hype about BB cream I was dying to try one, and talking to a friend who is from Singapore, she told me that Asians BB creams are totally different from the ones we can find everywhere nowadays. So I decided to try the one she wears.
I ordered the BB cream from a website that she recommended, it took too long to get here and the shipping was very expensive, so I do not think it is the best place to buy it from. However I found a website that is much better the shipping is fast and cheaper. (BBcosmetics. for £16.00)
My first thought when I first applied I did not like it, the product is very grey and it was  bit stinky, after a few seconds and some blending the colour matches my skin colour perfectly, with a light/medium coverage. The best way to apply it is using my hands.
The product claims to fade any kind of scar, or freckles and I do find the all my scars caused by acne and some freckles are much lighter.
I have oily skin and this product last all day, but I do need to powder and primer after or before using this product.
Overall I am really liking this BB cream, haven't use my foundation since I bought it.


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