Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hi Girlies,
Sorry I haven't post anything in the past week, I've been busy and enjoying the sun :)
So, today I thought I would do my everyday makeup routine, I wear a very natural makeup on the daily bases, the most important thing to me is my skin looking the best possible, so I dont spend much time on my eyes or lips.

So the first step is primer, I have oily skin and need a primer so my foundation lasts longer and I don't look shiny throughout the day, the primer I am using at the moment is the one that came on my May Joliebox RMK make up base. Then I apply my BB cream (Review here). I wear three different concealers two under- eye and one on my face. the first one I use is the one I use on my face is the collection2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in medium 3( £4.19), and under my eyes I wear Garnier  Roll-on anti-dark circles and the Benefit Erase Paste in number 2 ( £19.50)
I contour using the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel ( £30.00), for blush I am currently loving my MAC Mineralize Blush in Fresh Honey from the Naturally collection. And for the last face product I wear a highlighter, it changes everyday but today I am wearing Dior Shimmer Powder 002 Amber Diamonds (£32.00).
As I said before my eye make up is very simple I only wear Bare Study Paintpot by MAC (£14.50) all over the lid, the eye liner I chose today is the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner in moray, I've received this eye liner in a Glossybox awhile ago. Then I curl my eyelashes and apply mascara, the one I am currently using is Bourjois Volume Fast Perfect mascara ( £11.99). And lastly I put some lipstick/lip gloss/lip balm on, today I am wearing BarryM Lip Gloss in shade 11 (£4.49)
What is your favourite everyday make up routine? Let me know in the comments bellow.


  1. SO many of these things have been on my wishlist for the longest time -- especially the BB cream!
    i really love the MAC blush as well -- i'll have to put "fresh honey" on my wishlist. it's such a pretty color :)
    i love your little blog! i'm now officially suscribed :)


    1. The BB cream is really good, I've done a review too check it ou :)
      The mac blush is really pretty, the only down side is that it's limited edition :(
      ooh thanks, that means a lot to me :)
      I'll check out you blog too