Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Top 3 blushes for autumn

As most of you probably know blushes are my favourite make-up item, so I decided to show you my 3 favourite blushes for autumn.

I like to wear darker blushes in the autumn, I don't really know why I just think it goes well with the crisp leaves and the cold weather.

(From top to bottom:Coral by Sleek Make-up, Early Morning by MAC, Sin By Nars)

My number one autumn blush is without a doubt NARS Sin, it looks amazing with a flawless base and darker lips, however I also like to wear it with nude lips. It is a purple/plum colour with gold shimmer.
My second autumn blush is Sleek Make-up in Coral, I think this blush is an all year round blush, looks great with a tan or with paler skin, as the name suggest is a coral colour and I think looks great with any skin colour. This blush has a matte finish.
And last but not least it is from a MAC Cosmetics limited edition and its called Early Morning, it is very similar to the Sleek Make-up one but I think this one is a bit darker and less coral,I think this shade is more neutral than Coral by Sleek Make-up, I don't really know how to explain this colour, it also has a matte finish.

What is your top 3 autumn blushes? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, 21 September 2012

NOTD: Ski Teal We Drop by OPI + Unfor-Greta-bly Blue by OPI

First of all I need to apologize, this week was my first week back in University and I was struggling to get back to my routine.
So, both nail polish are amazing, the staying power is great, and both apply smoothly.
Unfor-Greta-Bly blue is from the Germany collection and as I said before I'm in love with this new collection.
Have you tried any nail polish from this collection? Would you wear blue nail polish?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Zara wish list: Autumn

I was shopping on line I came across the new collection from Zara and I fell in love, so I decided to show you my favourite pieces

1. I love wax looking jeans, but I didn't want to get the black ones because I see every one wearing them, so after I saw this dark green one I decided that it would be the one I would get. (£35.99)
2. I really want to get a floral/printed trousers but I don't know if I can pull it off, so this jeans is perfect, is is black on black so the details are not too bold and look very stylish. ( £39.99)

As always Zara's jackets are to die for, and I couldn't choose which one I like best so I'm showing you my two favourites.

3. Very structured jacket with an embellished lapel, the studs give it an edge look and because of it I love it even more. (£79.99)

4. This Jacket is my mom's favourite, I love that it is red, it can give the outfit an pop of colour still looking very chic. (£69.99)

What is your favourite piece from Zara this season? Let me know in the comments below

Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday Questionnaire

So, I haven't done a Monday Questionnaire in a while and I love reading this kind of posts. Once again I got the questions from amarixe's blog, I think her questionnaires are great! Also, today has been more like a chill stay at home day, so I decided to write something more casual.

1. Mood: 
Tired, last night I couldn't sleep properly and I was reading a book that I couldn't stop, so I ended up staying up until 5 am.
I'm also excited, I'm having dinner with some friends that I haven't seen in ages.

2.What is your favourite article of clothing to shop for? 
Hmm, this is hard, I love buying anything but I think if I could buy just one thing I would probably buy jackets/ blazers, or shoes!

3.Three hours ago I was... 
Walking around Waterstone trying to find the sequel of the book I'm currently reading

4. Current nail polish: 
Ski Teal We Drop by OPI + Unfor-greta-bly Blue by OPI (NOTD will be up on Friday)

5. When was the last time you read an actual newspaper (not digital)? 
I'm not sure, it's so much easier to read everything digitally nowadays, sometimes when I'm going to Central London, on the tube, I read some articles but usually I look it up on-line.

6. Current outfit:
Skinny jeans, white T-shirt and leather jacket. Need to change soon!

7. What is your natural hair texture? 
Flat, wavy/straight

8. Would you rather go a week without phone or a week without computer?
I would much prefer keep my phone, I can go on the internet and do what I need to do with my computer using my phone anyway.

9. What is your favourite musical?
It is either Rent or Mamma Mia or Grease, I can't decide!

10. Weekly goals: 
Enjoy my last free week

I would love to read all your answers, leave your answers down below or a link to your post.

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Friday, 7 September 2012

NOTD: Berlin There Done That by OPI + Don't Pretzel My Buttons by OPI

As usual I was looking around the Internet for the autumn nail polish collections and I came across the new Germany Collection by OPI and I instantly fell in love with some colours.
The two nail polishes that I'm wearing are very neutral, Berlin That Done That is a true taupe and applies like a dream, lasted 5 days on my nails and I applied two coats.
Don't Pretzel My Buttons is a nude-beige that looks amazing on the hands, makes me look a lot tanner. This polish is a bit more sheer and you need to apply at least two coats, it also lasted 5 days and it is very easy to apply. I think I just found my favourite nude nail polish.
What is your favourite nude nail polish? Have you bought any of the Germany Collection?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Playing with Crayons

This past weekend I was watching PJ on YouTube (KickthePJ) and I came across a video of him making art with melted crayons (here) I loved the idea so much that I decided to give it a go, also my cousin just moved in to a dorm and my brother and  I thought this would be the perfect house warming gift, so we made it together.

It is very easy and fun to make. You will need a blanc canvas, Crayola Crayons, Glue ( I used No More Nails by Unibond and it worked out just fine, but PJ used hot glue), black acrylic paint, I also used  this LOVE sing made of wood and most importantly a hair dryer.
You will just need to glue the crayons to the top of the canvas and use a hair dryer to melt them, and the you are done.
I do recommend using old newspaper and plastic bags so I wouldn't make a colourful mess.

I love how it turned out, and I also love that is something personal.
I think this would be a great idea to give it to parents that work in offices and places with a lack of colours.
Have fun melting crayons :)
Do you like this idea? Do you ever give presents that you make?  Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Is it worth the hype? Wet n Wild walking on Eggshells trio

After hearing all the good things about Wet n Wild eye shadows I decided it was time for me to get an eye shadow trio.
I went with the safe bet and got one with neutrals colours, however there are tons of options if you are more daring than me. 

All three eye shadows have amazing pigmentation, they are very soft and buttery, so for that reason there are fall outs, which I don't really mind. 
They lasted all day on my eyelids but I was wearing a primer underneath the eye shadows.

(natural light. No primer)

The only down fault of this trio is that all three eye shadows are very shimmery, I would like to have a matte crease colour or a highlighter. 
Wet n Wild is not sold in the UK, so I bought this trio from Ebay, link here.
Do I think it's worth the hype? Absolutely, I'm going to buy more Wet n Wild eye shadows, the quality is great and it's very cheap. 
Have you tried Wet n Wild products? What do you recommend?  Let me know in the comments below.