Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday Questionnaire

Today is a lazy Monday, so I decided I wanted to do either a TAG or a Monday Questionnaire, so I thought I would do this one.( Original post. )
(Sneak peak of my next project)

In a weird one, I don't know what it is but I feel like I'm agitated, need to do something!

Can you parallel park?
I'm defiantly not good at it, but I can and also I need some time to get it done haha!

Current nail polish:
I was wondering if I should do a NOTD post about it, its very similar to one I've done in the past (see it here), but it is using apple candy mind by Essie and blueberry ice cream by BarryM.

What is your all time favourite TV show?
My  all time favouriteTV show is defiantly LOST, but I've been loving PPL,Vampire Diaries and Revenge. 

Current outfit:
As I said before is a lazy monday, so I'm wearing Levi's dark wash  skinny jeans with a plain white T and a grey Jumper. ( can you believe that is July and cold in the UK? so annoying)

What is your natural hair texture/ style?
My hair is in between wavy and straight, thin.

Where would your dream honeymoon be?
A beautiful and romantic beach that neither of us have been, I think somewhere in Thailand.

Weekly goals:
Put up more posts, start my project and enjoy my friends!

I would like to know your answers, so leave them bellow.


  1. My boyfriend loved LOST, too, but I never got into it!

    x Michelle |

    1. I love Lost, but my brother never got into it either.