Friday, 20 April 2012

What saved my hair.

Well, let me just tell you how my hair got so damaged first.
Last spring/summer I decided to ombre my hair, I love that style and I'm thinking about doing it again, but of course it damaged my hair, but nothing that I couldn't fix it with some deep repair masks.
When the autumn and winter months came I was already tired of my ombre hair and desperate to change it again, so I decided to dye the ends, where the ombre part was, purple. I went to the hairstylist that had known for awhile and asked her to do it, and  she decided that my hair wasn't bleached enough and I agreed and let her do it, thinking that it wouldn't  be much lighter than before.
After this girl had bleached my hair she showed me how I looked before the purple dye, and for my surprise it was literately WHITE, and then she dyed purple and I loved the colour, the only problem was that my hair felt like a witch's broomstick.
So after that I went crazy tying to find something to save my hair so I didn't need  chop all off. After talking to my cousin and she said that I should try Kerastase Nutritive Aqua-Oleum Nourishing Treatment  .
This product is amazing, after the first time using it I could see that my hair was so much healthier.
After using the product above for a awhile I started using Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Treatment for Damaged Hair as my conditioner, and it was just the cherry on top of the cake. With the combination of both treatments, made my hair smoother, shinier and looking healthy. I haven't stopped using them and now my hair is much healthier than it was before I ombre it. 

All the products mentioned can be purchased on-line at feelunique.

xx - B

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